What the hell is this?

I’ve blogged before. But the choice I made initially was to put a topic on my blog. To have it revolve around said topic. This put constrains on my creativity, it seems. Although I love themes and topics to follow, I wanted a space where I didn’t necessarily have to do that.

So here it is.

A place where I will be able to tell my crazy stories, and write about some of my feelings. Not because I feel I need to be heard, or that I want anyone to idolize me or to boost my ego. I wanted the space for people to know how funny I am (just kidding, but actually).

Lena Dunham’s book, Not That Kind of Girl, is something I read a few weeks ago whilst on vacation in Colorado. Maybe it was the weed, maybe it was the break from school. But regardless, I was re-inspired to write again. Here goes nothing!